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During his graduate study, Benoît (ESSEC Business School graduate) is particularly interested in teaching related to Management, Communication and Innovation.


His professional experiences will take place in a wide variety of fields and environments.


After a few years working in the marketing and communication departments of major groups (Renault and 3M), Benoît becomes general manager of an NGO of about fifteen employees.
After 5 years of this rich experience, he changes his professional orientation and becomes chief executive of a company specialized in corporate videos and cinema.
It is his artistic activities (theater, music), and his passion for the stage and the interaction with the public, which will lead him little by little to make magic, which he has always practiced, his professional activity.

His meetings with seasoned mentalists will then give him the opportunity to train and specialize in this discipline.


His initial study and his previous activities are special assets during his interventions in a professional environment, whether for pure entertainment performances, during events, or training related to various issues of the company, to which mentalism and magic bring an original and very specific light.

Mentaliste Magicien
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