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MINDREADING & MAGIC- Close-up and stage show

My interventions are all very interactive and participatory.

With kindness to keep people at ease, and to amuse them in addition to surprising them!


And I like to present extremely diverse and original types of effects that your viewers will not be used to seeing elsewhere!


Mentalism, adapted for entertainment purposes, is inspired by very old techniques, including those alleged medium sessions of the nineteenth century, and modernized by many know-how and subtleties, from extremely varied fields (NLP, psychology , mnemonics, illusion, ...).


Called by certain "magic with the brain", it proposes fun and astonishing experiences: suggestion, telepathy, clairvoyance, predictions, hypermnesia, influence, modified perception of the senses, ...

This set of effects gives the illusion that the mentalist can predict the future, influence the thought of the viewer or read in his mind, all in a benevolent and entertaining atmosphere!


Close-up magic uses simple everyday objects, to create very strong illusions, a few centimeters from the public!
Cards, Rubik"s Cubes, mobile phones, dices, coins, cups, bills, rings, ...


Magic on stage allows more elaborate and powerful effects, and makes it possible for tens or hundreds of spectators to enjoy the show!

While remaining totally interactive and participative!

Number of participants and ages

- Unlimited in cocktail or table-to-table
- Depending on configuration for stage shows
- Audience: adults and teenagers

- Illimitée en format cocktail ou table-en-table
- From 1h to 2h, for stage shows

My performances generally mix Mentalism and Magic, with a strong dominant of Mentalism.

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